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Why a branding package might be right for your business?

Why a business branding package might be right for your startup?

Branding packages for small business, are they a good fit?

If you’re just starting out, there’s a million and one tasks on your to-do list. You have so many things on your radar it can be really hard to know where to focus. Most small business owners know that they need to dedicate a large chunk of time to the marketing side of their business – which in our experience is one of the most important factors! But even within that ‘marketing time’, there’s so many sub-tasks, like content strategy and social media strategy, email marketing and more. How do you know the most efficient way of investing your time?

How to overcome the branding hurdle?

Well the answer could come from getting your brand and marketing ducks-in-a-row early on, and one of the best ways of summarising what your business is all about, is by building your brand. 

But I’m too busy to build a brand?

That’s a bit like the old adage “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Your brand is a process of working out what your business stands for, and how it communicates to customers. If you don’t have time to resolve that, then how are you going to communicate your business to your customers?

“Your brand is what people say about you after you leave the room” — Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Finding someone to help with branding?

If you’ve already got enough on your plate, then the next step is to look for someone who can help you through this process. But invariably, that comes down to pricing. There are many cheap logo companies online, which include design competitions and even AI driven logos, but what they all miss, is that a brand is more than just a logo! Great brands infuse their values across all their touchpoints, from logo to business card, website and beyond – a single logo just can’t do that much on it’s own!

Top reasons to choose a branding package

It’s all done for you

One of the major benefits is that all the heavy-lifting is done for you. As a solopreneur or small business, you know that the bulk of the workload is being done by you, and you alone. This is incredibly daunting, and can lead to a lot of stress. Plus, creativity is not everyone’s speciality, but not everyone has the mega-bucks to pay for a full-service branding agency. Well, this is where branding packages come in. By engaging professionals to create your brand identity, you’ll be able to gain clarity on your business, and free-up time so you can focus on all your other tasks!

Everything you need in one place

A branding package provides you with all the essentials your business needs, like a custom logo, style guide, typography choices, business card, website, and more. These corporate identity packages also include things you might not think you need, or that you could just do yourself, like social media graphics for example. But often, the simple task of researching the final pixel perfect sizes for all social media channels, can chew up hours of time. Not so, if you have purchased a branding package

Brand Identity package price

Like everything in life, it comes down to price! Branding packages are often more economical because they include everything you need in one price, and therefore there’s no hidden surprises.

Branding packages are great for when you’re already established too

Not every business owner has the time or money up-front for a professionally design brand identity, and that’s fine, we get that. But, it’s never too late to make the investment in the future growth of your business. One of the most efficient ways to boost the credibility and professionalism of your business is through your brand identity.

How can we help your business to grow?

At We Design Brands, we know that great brands are so much more than just a logo. We’ll design your own custom corporate identity, based on your brief, for an affordable price.

  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Website
  • Printed Business Cards
  • Social Media Kit
  • Stationery Pack
  • Brand Style Guide

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